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Apply Your Mind's Own Medicine









Can you imagine yourself being comfortable inside of your own skin? Can you imagine relief from the circular and negative thought patterns of your inner critic? You positively can minimize and manage anxiety, panic attack and other stress related issues that are well known to respond successfully with the use of hypnosis.

DREAM INTERPRETATION: Dreams speak to us in metaphors and symbols that often present as a mystery to the conscious, waking mind. There are many types of dream puzzles: From repetitive dreams to scary dreams and just about everything in between, But what if dream figures could step out of our dreams and talk to us, and tell us why they have appeared and what their messages for us might be? Dreams can be a wise guide from the interior as a way to know ourselves from the inside out.

HAIR PULLERS, SKIN PICKERS, NAIL BITERS and various other types of compulsive body-focused repetitive behaviors that people just like you have struggled with, sometimes for years. Imagine freedom from the habitual, impulsive and repeated urges that are often accompanied by shame and frustration. Hypnosis can help.



Loss is an unavoidable part of each and every one of our lives. Grief is a natural part of the process of healing and also takes an enormous amount of energy in dealing with the loss of a dearly loved one, or perhaps our own health or even a long held dream that ends in divorce. Any significant loss can be some of the most overwhelming and difficult times for us all. The deep and profound relaxation and comfort of hypnosis can help you remember that even in the most painful times of your life, somewhere in the midst of the storm there is peace. 



SELF CARE FOR THE CAREGIVER is a process designed specifically to support the particularly challenging needs of those caring for family members, or working in the caring professions by utilizing the tools of hypnosis for renewal of well-being and minimizing the hazards of helpers. This includes family members, RN's, Hospice workers, Therapists, Teachers. The focus is on you developing the balance between restorative self-care and caring for others. You CAN do this!


If you are someone who responds to everyday physical, mental or emotional stimuli with acutely high sensitivity to your environment or to the people you’re with, you might be one of those Highly Sensitive Persons or Empaths that feel things far deeper and stronger than others do. Usually your sensitivity is noticed at a very young age by family members where you often heard, and maybe you now tell yourself: “You’re just too sensitive!” Well, you're not. It's just the way you came. And there are some solid tools to develop and take with you to help you along the way on your highly sensitive life's journey. 


*Hypnosis is well documented to be highly effective within a wide range of issues.

If you don't see your area of interest listed, please feel free to call or email to see if it's available.




















Frequently Asked Question:

Is Hypnosis Safe?


Answer:  Yes. Hypnosis is safe. Being deeply relaxed with

a heightened awareness of yourself is a safe state

of consciousness for every human being.


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