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        Barbara Banes, CCHT


I would like to welcome you to my website and provide you with some basic information that will tell you about my background and training.

I began my professional career in 1988 after meeting the requirements to qualify as a Certified Hypnotherapist and I immediately recognized that the successful use of hypnosis is a collaboration between the client and the hypnotherapist. For the past thirty plus years, my most important teachers have certainly been the countless clients from all walks of life who have honored me as their guide and facilitator. I enjoy working with adults of all ages throughout the Space Coast area (as well Telehealth phone sessions across the United States since 2006) and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be working with people in this inspiring and most remarkable element of 'whole person' healing.



My education in the field specific to hypnosis is long term and comprehensive. This includes continuing in-depth study, specialized trainings, CEU's, ongoing coursework, workshops, and seminars resulting in certifications from Dr. Lorna Cutler, Sonoma State University, CA, Dr. Gail Peterson, Berkeley, CA and the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of San Anselmo, CA. In addition, I also have experience, education, and training in working with special needs at risk adolescents, addictions and recovery, Jungian-Senoi Dream Work, Hospice volunteer for grief support and outreach, Pre and Peri-Natal Hypnosis, Childbirth Educator and Hospital Labor Assistant.



~ On A Personal Note ~


After living and working in Northern California for 35 years, I relocated to Melbourne, Florida to be nearby my elderly mother. I am Mom to a fine adult son, I take pleasure in the natural world of this beautiful area and feel extremely fortunate to live so close to the ocean where I walk the beach, know every antique/thrift shop in the county, am a prolific writer, a decent artist, and always enjoy travel near and far.




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