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2013 - 2024

Barbara has an amazing way about her. She is able to explain things in a manner that just make sense. She also has the ability to inquire about the most personal details without it ever feeling invasive, all the while intrinsically making you want to be accountable. Her methods work, while always encouraging you to be authentic and your best self. Barbara is simply the best!!!


Santa Rosa, CA

I've been going to Barbra for anxiety and she has helped me so much! my fear of the anxiety was so strong but she is teaching me skills do deal with it and it has made me so much more confident in dealing with it. she also has lead me to things I didn't know about myself and I'm learn something new every visit. I've gotten to know my self on a way deeper level.


Melbourne, Florida

“Blessed and grateful! That’s how I feel when I think of Barbara. Her skills combined with her compassion are amazing when it comes to helping you work through any issues. She provides tools for your toolbox that you can carry forward into any situation. I feel stronger and well equipped to handle those challenging times and people in life. Thank you, Barbara.”



Barbara is amazing at what she does. I started seeing her for food related issues which she really helped me with. She is a wealth of knowledge and insight and I am so grateful to have worked with her.  She not only helped me with my food issues she helped me to be comfortable in my own skin.

Ann B. 

Titusville, FL


Barbara has a way of getting to the heart of the matter and helping me find new ways to look at my patterns and habits. My life has improved exponentially with her caring approach.


Melbourne, FL

Ms. Banes was wonderful; sincere, caring, precise, knowledgeable, very good hypnotist, professional but NOT standoffish, a nice balance of friendliness. She went beyond all I thought I needed. I thought her suggesting that ice cream (my worst addiction) would taste like LIVER...YUCK!! was all the help she would give me but she suggested how to "choose the colorful, fresh veggies and fruits that would be best for my health" and how to value myself and give myself purpose and happiness. She helped me really relax and I even saw people I loved while in that wonderful suspended state of mind. She is fantastic! I never spent money that was so well worth it.

JAN W.  

Melbourne, Fl.


Barbara has helped me become a calmer, stronger, happier, and more confident person. She is an excellent listener, always very kind and honest. She has profound insights. I am now able to deal with daily stresses, including very difficult personal and business situations, in a much healthier and productive way.


Santa Rosa, CA

Barbara is very intuitive therefore she is able to really understand the issues and work toward resolving them. She is very positive and has many tools in her toolbox that she shares generously. She is absolutely sincere, loves her work and she cares deeply for her clients. I immediately trusted her and told her my secrets with no embarrassment. My work with her has resolved my primary issue 99% in 7 sessions while uncovering the causes of the issue and working towards happiness and peace. I am continuing with her to build on what we started.


Melbourne, FL

I call Barbara the gift that keeps on giving, because I am seeing benefits from the work that we did together still, as I am living a more successful life, day by day. I am forever grateful that we found Barbara's office in my time of need...Barbara understood me, never judged me, however, was honest with me, as we went through this healing journey together. With appreciation, thank you, L.F.


Bennett Valley, CA

I've been working with Barbara off and on for over 20 years; she provides insight, support, challenge, advancement of my evolution as a human being and deep care. She has been with me through many life challenges and wonderful opportunities and has offered skillful guidance and wisdom. I am very grateful she continues to be a partner in my life journey.

Peggy O. 


I've been awakened to my subconscious mind. In my work with Barbara, she's given me tools to understand my fears and face some deep seated, underlying issues I battle. I'm happier, more confident and open to whatever comes my way simply through working with Barbara. I'm thankful for her wisdom and guidance. She's a blessing to me.

Sarah C. 

Sebastian, FL

Before I began working with Barbara, my toolbox of healthy life skills was rusty. Inside, the tools were broken, missing, or worse yet, unrecognizable. Through Barbara's patience, kindness, and gentle prodding, I am learning how to feel and who I am; and less the victim of circumstances and habits of the past. I have developed an inner strength and peace that I never knew before. For that, I am eternally grateful. Barbara's wisdom is beyond measure as is her passion to help others.

M. O.

Kodiak, AK


I have been seeing Barbara Banes for a while now and I have been so pleased with the results I have received. She has a unique blend of spiritual guidance and hypnosis that promotes a very deep healing. More than anything I have experienced before. 


Palm Bay, FL

Barbara is Fantastic. No matter what you go for, she can help you help yourself fix whatever you're dealing with in your mind.


Melbourne, FL


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